Eugene is not just a university town, it’s also a walkable city with some great breweries! This is a great city to spend the weekend visiting breweries, exploring restaurants and doing some hiking. Read my recommendations on where to go and what to do!


Oakshire Brewing


Oakshire is one of those breweries that is solid because they offer a good variety of beer. Having been here several times, I have always found a pint of something that I liked.

Hop Valley

Hop Valley is walking distance from Oakshire, and a good place to go for your next beer. With a name like theirs I was expecting to see a plethora of hoppy beers on tap but instead was pleasantly surprised with a nice variety! Yes they had hoppy beers but they also had some malty brews for folks like me who like their beer on the bready side.

Agrarian Ales

Agrarian Ales isn’t actually in Eugene but located on the outskirts of town among the farms and fields. They are located on a farm and although to some it may seem to far out of the way, its really truly worth it!



I do not want to mislead you, so let me first make the disclosure that Alesong is not in the city of Eugene itself but a very beautiful drive outside the city and into the foothills. That said, it’s a great brewery to visit!




Oh man, did this place surprise me! This restaurant was recommended to us, but was described as being “elevated but just okay”. I have no idea what that person was smoking (ok maybe I do it’s legal in Oregon isn’t it?!) but this place was so much more that just “okay” it was EXCELLENT. Everything just hit the mark, from beginning to end. The smoked salmon croquettes were fluffy and seasoned which were excellent. They were not too salty, or mushy as some croquettes can be. The dungeness crab bucatini was my favorite, the sauce was creamy and lent itself well to the rich flavors of crab and delicate flavors of the black truffles. Rarely am I impressed with a creamy pasta, but this was so delicious.

Izakaya Meiji

IMG_0040Izakaya Meiji offers japanese small plates, craft cocktails and whiskey. This place was recommend to us several times and I can see why. The food is good and the style allows you to try many different dishes. The cocktail menu is also really inventive and the drinks were delicious but strong! If you like whiskey then this is definitely the place for you to go.  The whiskey selection at Izakaya Meiji is extensive, and you may find it impossible not to find a style that you like. Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone looking to try something different.

Cornbread Cafe


The idea of a vegan breakfast probably doesn’t sound great to a regular omnivore and likely isn’t a go-to if you love meat. However, I really recommend that you give Cornbread Cafe a chance. Along with having a quirky old school diner atmosphere this cafe is a mix of new and old. Young staff serve you breakfast on plates that every grandmother probably has. As for the food, it’s tasty and heavy. Not exactly like the real thing but flavorful in its own right. After breakfast I was full, but I felt better about it than I normally would.

I Scream for Waffles 


I was casually sitting at Ninkasi Brewing when I look over and there is a person eating a beautiful waffle with ice cream on it. I look up and I suddenly realize there is a waffle ice cream food truck right ahead of me. Initially, I resisted and left the brewery without ordering. But then I thought about the waffle and ice cream, and how good they must taste together. The following day, I returned to the brewery to order the waffle and ice cream and (shocker) it was so good!! Definitely recommended.

Things To Do

Skinner Butte Park

Skinner Butte Park is right in the city of Eugene, so you don’t need to go far to get your dose of nature. The views are nice and you can choose between shorter or longer routes. If you want to research other hikes in the area, I recommend the Outdoor Projects list of nearby hikes, here.


Catch a Show at Same Bonds Garage

Are you a fan of live music? If so, Sam Bond’s Garage is a great and intimate venue to watch a show. It is walking distance from several restaurants and breweries, so you can grab dinner and then enjoy the rest of your night with some great music. You can find a list of upcoming shows here.

Stroll Along the River


You could spend all day walking along the riverbank in Eugene. It is absolutely gorgeous! As you walk along the river you will cut through the University of Oregon campus and pass several historical buildings. It’s a relaxing a dog friendly daytime activity!